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We ship through USPS and will work to package your items either same day or next day. We use eco-friendly packaging that will protect your adopted friend throughout its journey to you.


Here at Gigglesmush we want to instill a sense of childhood wonder back into your life, like wondering if a doll head would be fun to cut up and stitch onto a stuffed unicorn.


While we believe these toys are for the inner child we DO NOT make them for young children or anyone who can't control the urge to put things in their mouths. These toys do have small parts that could be a choking hazard, so play at your own risk.


- Credit / Debit Cards

  • Why do you make these things?
    For us it was simple - why not? And we didn't have a good reason not to. So we did and we continue to do this weird thing together having the time of our lives. We wanted to create something that wasn't wasteful and found a way to do this while having more fun with toys than we ever had before.
  • Where do the Gigglesmush parts and pieces come from?
    The majority of what we use comes from thrift stores, namely the Goodwill Outlets (or as we call them the stab and grab). The big pieces we use in our toys are all upcycled from thrift stores while things like eyes, weapons, and butt plugs all come new. While we believe in reducing the amount of waste we don't believe in recycling butt plugs.
  • What's your product guarantee?
    We guarantee you'll either love or hate what we make, and either is cool because we feel art should make you feel something. If anything happens to your toy, like it breaking, send us a picture and a description and we will work something out.
  • Do you do customs?
    Because we source our materials secondhand and we don't buy new plushes, dolls, etc. we are unable to guarantee an exact custom as you might be envisioning, however if you have a more general conceptual idea we might be able to make it work (like you want something cute with a doll head or you want a hybrid of non-specific plushes). The best way to get a custom would be to find us at festivals where we have our supplies out & you can pick out the pieces you want to mash together. Contact us and we will try to work with you - but no promises we can bring your dream to life.
  • When will you have new items in your shop?
    We will announce restocks on instagram & subsequently the bar at the top of the site - but instagram is your place to stay in the loop. We will try to do drops in batches but sometimes we will just throw some stuff up for sale - either check back here frequently or connect with us on instagram to be in the know.
  • How long do I have to wait to get my newly adopted creature?
    While we will do our best to get it sent out on the same or next day, please be patient with us as we are only two people and we do travel, go to shows & festivals. If you feel like your order hasn't gone out and it should have - send us an email or message and we will look into the issue. Plan on normal shipping times, 5-7 days depending on how far you are from Colorado.
  • Can I do a pickup if I'm in or around Denver?
    Absolutely! We would prefer to save packaging and hand off your critter directly to you. Shoot us a message and we can work out a pickup.
  • What kind of packing materials do you use?
    We've opted to go with what we've found is most sustainable and practical, so our boxes and packaging are all made from cardboard that is biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. If you get something shipped please take the time to try to reuse your box somehow (maybe try making a giant cardboard city and stomping it to the ground?).


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